Southern Whimsy Photography​​
Piedmont, Alabama
Carrie Solley Hightower
About me:
I'm just a California girl living in an Alabama world...

I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. New Year's Eve twenty-six years ago, I met my husband. Eight months later we were married. Four months later I was Alabama bound. I'm a mother of two grown southern daughters, both attending college and living on their own. I now have this newfound freedom to do what I love, trying to capture the true spirit and personality in each photo I take. My love for photography began in high school with Mr. Summers; if only I showed up for class the possibilities would have been endless. I love animals, coffee, cake and humans in that order. I'm obsessed with my four dogs and seven chickens. I love looking through my lens and seeing something special that perfect shot and all the beautiful moments in between.